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Behind the designer: 13 fun facts about ME


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While my case studies can showcase who I am as a designer, I’m a big believer in it being the PEOPLE behind businesses that keeps things interesting. I hope you enjoy this little 101 ‘introductory handshake’ helps you get to know me a little better and showcases what makes me a little obscure.

01. Before design, I studied fine arts and was trained in Printmaking. I worked primarily in collage, small-scale assemblages and with collected objects that eventually (in my honours year) were hung from the ceiling as an installation piece. Being a print major is what eventually brought me into design- I worked with a letterpress printer and attended a type-setting course at what would become my design school.

02. While studying design, I worked part-time in a tea shop. I can still tell you the differences between an Assam and Dajeeling, my favourite kind of tea is oolong and I make a mean chai (admittedly, only in batches of 10L- smaller quantities seems harder!)

03. I’m pretty incapable of going along with bullshit. If I don’t think something is a good idea (or if something can be done better), I’ll probably be the one to bring it up.

04. I’m an absolute maximalist combined with staunch minimalist. My love for jewel tones, bright artwork and bold patterns is balanced by an appreciation for mid-century minimalism and the colour black. 

05. I’m a complete and utter Eurovison tragic (as seen by my “Balkan Bangerz” playlist). To this day, being featured on SBS’ televised coverage with friends has seen me PEAK.

06. I have a large-ish collection of film cameras, most of which I have no idea how to use properly. They’re fickle, slightly overwealming beasts… but everything is more fun with polaroid.

07. I have a note on my iPhone titled Schemes filled with projects/ businesses/ tangents that I want to work on. Probably induced by watching too much Dragon’s Den as a child, I have a seemingly endless list of side project ideas (and not enough time to execute them!)

08. I’m a passionate and undeniable Ramen enthusiast (I luv u Ramen Danbo). For the record- extra firm noodles, extra spring onions, side of sesame seeds and far too much garlic.

09. I’m a lover of houseplants but am pretty terrible at keeping them alive in my dark rental. Devil’s ivy in recycled gin bottles is 100% my aesthetic though!

10. My favourite part of traveling is finding unique vintage items. Flea markets and dingy antique stores are musts with one of my favourite finds being the Oedo Antique Market in Tokyo. Think beautiful (and reasonably priced) kimonos, wooden kokeshi dolls, SO MUCH paper ephemera and my favourite- vintage tins.

11. While I’ll listen to pretty much any music genre (and have a knack for identifying a song by its first few seconds), I’ll always try and bust out disco music, even if it’s only vaguely appropriate.

12. I bloody LOVE A GHOST TOUR It’s the combination of my nerdy love of historical facts colliding with the paranormal, all while lurking at night in old buildings (or cemeteries or jails, as it seems to go). This year I’m hoping to complete some of Brisbane’s many tours.

13. I work part-time in an agency for the fashion industry The New Garde. While I see a lot of other designers hide their ‘other’ work and amplify the hustle, I’m super upfront about my working situation. I love working with fashion designers on their branding and (maybe more importantly) working in an office a couple of days a week keeps the self-employed-isolation vibes at bay.

Curious about ANY of the above? Shoot me an email or DM-  (I’d love to know your ramen order, to be honest).

– Laura