Clean, minimal product photography of crimson culture candle products

Crimson Culture

Crimson Culture lovingly produces small-batch, luxury coco soy candles in Brisbane, Australia. Each carefully-curated fragrance is inspired by a historical figure or dreamy destination and is intended to bring a whimsical presence into the contemporary home.

A gifting market already crowded with minimalist candles meant we needed a fresh approach. Creating bold collages from vintage illustrations saw me go all-in on quirky packaging that fully embraces its story-driven origins. Previous packaging iterations lacked distinct brand identity or hierarchy which lead me to create a sophisticated, minimal brand suite that complimented the graphics without overwhelming them. The logo elements allow flexible integration into packaging and hints at old-world glamour without feeling forced.

To relaunch the products, I collaborated on a shoot with Libby from Elderflower Ephemera to shoot product imagery and life-style driven social media content. The mostly-monochromatic images showcase all sides of the packaging and embrace the playful energy of the brand.


  • Art Direction
  • Brand Identity
  • Content Creation
  • Packaging
Logotype and icon for Crimson Culture candles Art directed campaign image showing candle range with new labelling and collaged paper hand interacting with scene
Label collage for cleo soy candle packaging design
Product photograph for candle rebrand Typesetting and typography for crimson culture
Social media overview showing art direction and labels

I have just opened my email and wow! The collage technique – the story delivered through images and the colours are beautiful and so different!! I now understand a lot more about creating a brand – thank you. I’m thrilled with how this has evolved.

Carolyn Grant, Crimson Culture