Image of three handmade, skull-shaped soaps for a gothic christmas

Jingle Hells

After one too many Christmases working in retail, I was pushed to create a small range of products to gift to friends still working in the industry. Foiled Christmas tags embellished with swear-filled greetings were combined with body-care products that represented the mood of being ‘festive’ over the retail season.

A minimal identity suite allowed the brand to feel contemporary with witchy illustrations and typography bringing edge to an area that is often painted with the “Mom handmade DIY-er” brush.


  • Art Direction
  • Brand Identity
  • Content Creation
  • Packaging
  • Social Media Campaign
Product flaylay showing alternative foiled swingtags and packaging. The tags feature skeletons of reindeers and say 'Merry Fucking Christmas
Mint green background with blackletter inspired logotype for Jingle Hells brand Sketchy illustration style of plants used in witchy soap product range for social media advertising campaign
Array of social media content created for product launch featuring photography and goth-inspired graphics