Image of the Moss & Brooke collection of botanical inspired natural perfumes with custom brand identity and unique brand design

Moss & Brooke

After niching into high-end botanical perfumery, the minimal Moss & Brooke brand needed visuals that match the magical, slightly dark inspiration of the black forest that touched all of its products.

A cheeky fox was chosen as the brand icon to balance a sophisticated and heritage-inspired logotype- both elements allowing for brand flexibility across small product labels. Inspired by the concept that fragrance can imprint onto you through memory, I chose hand-carved linoprint graphics as the perfect vehicle for communicating that nature can stop you in a moment. With many of the industry competitors favouring dark and slightly gothic aesthetics, I chose to keep all of the packaging light and airy so as to stand out best in nature-inspired product photography.


  • Brand Identity
  • Digital Assets
  • EDM Campaign Design
  • Illustration
  • Packaging
  • Print + Digital Collateral
  • Template Creation
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Moss and Brooke custom logo design and fox logo icon over a lush green forest inspired linoprint texture background
Brand identity fox icon created for botanical perfumery moss and brooke black forest inspired packaging design for botanical perfume company moss and brooke
custom packaging design for elegant floral perfume brand moss and brooke soap elegant brand identity design of moss and brooke brand seal
unique strategic brand identity design for botanical perfumery moss and brooke. The gold foil custom thank you cards feature linoprint textures, elegant typography and a fox icon
custom linoprint support graphics featuring insects and plants per teh forest inspired brand moss and brooke. The assets are textual but elegant and make for a unique brand identity.
gold foil custom perfume label for gender neutral perfume brand moss and brooke godl foil business cards featuring custom brand identity and fox logo for forest inspired brand moss and brooke
gold foil packaging design for natural handmade perfume for moss and brooke
no issue custom tissue paper featuring mushroom illustration created for unique brand identity for moss and brooke candle packaging with custom gold foil label for brand identity of forestcore brand moss and brooke
social media templates created in canva for handmade perfume brand moss and brooke
body oil packaging for moss and brooke featuring niche brand identity design custom linoprint background texture and flexible brand logo created for moss and brooke perfume brand
candle care card using strategic brand identity created for moss and brook botanical perfumery
natural and clean skincare brand identity featyuring unique custom brand identity created for moss and brooke high end handmade perfume and skincare brand featuring custom brand identity created for moss and brooke
candle packaging designwith custom brand identity for botanical perfumery moss and brooke

One of the first things I noticed was the constant number of compliments and positive feedback about our new packaging, logo, website, and whole look. My brand has become more profitable, with our prices reflecting our new luxe packaging.

Laura is an incredible communicator, and never left me guessing on “next steps” or timelines. She listened to my feedback, offered sensible suggestions, and nudged me out of my comfort zone in the BEST ways – she knows what she’s doing, and I’m glad I listened! I feel so confident in our new style and professional look. Laura really helped take this brand to the next level!

Spencer Rhodes, Moss & Brooke