Rebranding case study thumbnail for Sarah Stanford showing the sans serif logo on a purple and blue gradient background

Sarah Stanford

Sarah Stanford is a content designer and copywriter that helps businesses solve their complex content problems. Having decided to rebrand from her old business name (Novelise) to her own name, Sarah needed a brand identity that felt authentically her and could grow with her new direction. 

The Problem
While Sarah’s pre-rebrand visuals were perfectly nice, they didn’t fully represent her fun personality or help to communicate her services or ideal client. The brand centred around a logo and colours but without a full brand system, inconsistencies crept in via changes to elements every couple of months with Sarah always unsure of how her identity was perceived. 

The Solution
Inspired by her love of mid-century design, I created a vibrant brand identity filled with gradient textures and fun shapes to stand out from the more minimal aesthetics favoured by competitors. These elements were created in multiple variations to allow for flexibility- as thin line graphics, filled blocks as well as masked gradients Sarah has an opportunity to be creative and curate the look for whatever content she is discussing. A focus on clean and legible typography helped amplify the concept of ‘creating order’ while vibrant patterns and icons create interest and variety in social media posts. 


  • Brand Identity
  • Print + Digital Collateral
See Sarah's brand in action
Brand design portfolio banner featuring brand photography for Sarah Standford. Sarah wears a pink jumpsuit and laughs while looking down. Rebranding case study for Sarah Stanford featuring the brand icon. Two interconnected ‘S’’s are surrounded by a monoline oval.
Brand identity case study image shows a Sarah Stanford support graphic. A blobby shape with a red and blue gradient appears on the same gradient background. Brand design portfolio banner featuring brand photography for Sarah Standford. Sarah wears a green dress in an apricot room while working in front of her computer.
Rebranding case study shows the Sarah Stanford brand assets in their multiple states on a black background. The colourful shapes move between a monoline style, fill style and a gradient mask style.
Brand identity case study for Sarah Stanford’s content affirmation cards. Featuring bold typography and mid-century inspired shapes, the gradient-y cards serve as thank you notes.
Rebranding case study shows some of the Sarah Stanford icon assets on a black background. They combine line and block colours in a multi and cool tones colourway.
Brand identity case study showing the Sarah Stanford business cards on a light blue background. The front of the card features a purple and green gradient with the brand pattern overlaying with the back card featuring founder Sarah’s details.
Brand identity case study image of one of the Sarah Stanford social media templates for carousel posts. A post shares content and features green gradients and line illustrations.
Rebranding case study gif of Sarah Stanford’s brand patterns cycle through. Featuring mid-century inspired line graphics and gradients, the patterns provide flexibility to social media graphic design.
Brand identity case study image of Sarah Stanford’s social media templates. The imagery shows the bright brand colour palette, gradient support graphics and expressive typography.
Rebranding case study image of Sarah Stanford’s content affirmation support graphics. In a retro-inspired colour palette, the imagery resembles stickers and contrasts to a deep green background.

Before starting this project, I had done a lot of (high price point) work on messaging and positioning, and I don’t think it got me anywhere near as close to the heart of my brand as our conversations, the questionnaire, and what you pulled out from that tangle of ideas. You are like a gold panner, sifting through to find the little specs of light, and turning them into something complete.

Sarah Stanford