Textured black banner with fine white illustration of spatula and laurels. It has the appearance of a secret society insignia.

Soap Cult Australia

Soap Cult Australia creates unusual, ethical soaps that enable self-care to be incorporated into even the busiest of days. After 10 years in business with a 100% DIY approach to design, a new business name heralded a rebrand to better communicate the high quality and uniqueness of maker (and Cult Leader) Aliya’s products.

After 10 years trading (under a different name and DIY-ing all the things), it was time for a refresh that could better communicate the high quality and uniqueness of products. Inspired by secret societies and a dark occult aesthetic, I created a distinct visual language full of adaptable logo formats and intricate illustrations able to be used felinely across all brand touchpoints. With the rebrand initiated by brand shame over un-boxing videos, I focussed on creating distinctive, professional labels alongside custom stickers, stamps, thank you cards and tissue paper to encourage customers to post their purchases on social media. The clean and adaptable approach to labels also allows for seasonal adaptations- blood-red Christmas versions follow on from intricate Victorian-inspired frames used for halloween, all the while adding to brand consistency.


  • Brand Identity
  • Content Creation
  • Illustration
  • Packaging
  • Print + Digital Collateral
  • Social Media Campaign + Content
Join the cult
Dark background with Soap Cult Australia logotype
Image os Soap Cult Australia soap with brand logo stamped into side. Soap Cult Australia seal moving as a social media gif
Image of two hands making a triangle shape surrounded by sunbeams. The Soap Cult Australia logotype symbol sits in the middle Three Soap Cult Australia soaps stamped with the sunbeam logotype variation.
Black business cards with red foil and rounded corners sit on a black background. The details have a cult-like, occult feel.
Black background with white illustrations moving like a social media gif.
Colouring in page showing all Soap Cult Australia brand illustrations as part of marketing campaign Child colouring in Soap Cult Australia colouring in competition.
Overview of user generated content and social media imagery from Soap Cult Australia. All photos and packaging are dark and moody
Image of Soap Cult Australia thank you tarot style cards
Four Soap Cult Australia soaps showing custom brand labels
Overview of social media template design and selected brand stock photography
Soap Cult Australia wholesale kit design custom branding pages sit on a cream coloured background

Laura solved my problems completely. I don’t have a branding or packaging problem anymore and I feel re-energised and more passionate about my business than ever. It’s so cohesive that it’s actually made my brand voice and everything that follows, like my social media presence, website copy, blogs, videos etc feel really clear and easy. I’m not struggling to decide if I should do Y or Z anymore. It feels effortless and invigorating. It’s even made my product design easier!

Seriously, if you’re a bit strange and unusual like me and have a brand that has lots of potential but you can’t do it all on your own, get Laura to help. You’ll be blown away. Best money I’ve ever invested in my business, for sure. 

Aliya Hutchison, Soap Cult Australia