dark vintage circus imagery with clean lineal strong digital logotype

Strong Digital

Strong Digital is a design and development studio obsessed with providing strategic, efficient, and well-built websites. As a start-up, I was tasked with creating a full brand identity that took inspiration from the vintage circus strong man. Combining classic tattoo graphics with quirky design and computing elements, Strong Digital stands out in the sea of flat design showcased by most digital agencies. The brand identity gives the business a memorable persona and communicates that its team are real people with bold personalities- definitely not just tech support.

Across social media, an authentic and playful persona was created through branded graphics, vintage-style type-setting and in-house created photography. By taking my own Brisbane-centric photographic content, Strong cements itself as part of the community and in turn, an attractive collaborator to local businesses.

This brand was created as part of my role as designer at Strong Digital. You can learn more about what they do here.


  • Blog Copywriting
  • Brand Identity
  • Content Creation
  • Illustration
  • Print + Digital Collateral
  • Social Media Strategy + Content
Get a great website
circular lockup of strong digital supporting illustrations of vintage style tattoo imagery mixed with design and coding elements.
Sign outside strong digital office showing brand identity tshirt showing strong digital custom illustration brand illustrations
business cards for strong digital team members showing bright prink highligh colour from brand palette
strong digital overview featuring photography of brisbane and custom designed graphics

Building a new brand from scratch is not easy, particularly when you are so close to the business you are trying to build it can be really difficult to choose your direction and what you want your brand to communicate. Laura helps cut through all this bullshit, her no nonsense approach helped us make decisions on direction, and then we ended up with a brand that we are really happy with. Laura worked with us in house to help develop our brand, but also develop some of our client brands as well – and was always able to apply the right approach to each project to ensure we got the right outcome.

Nick Marden, Strong Digital