Illustration of yellow and orange lucky bamboo on cream coloured background with white textured line in background.

The Mirror Journal

A launch copywriter bolstered with a background in psychology, Kirsty Fanton is a force to be reckoned with. Her first digital product, The Mirror Journal is a situational tool that encourages business owners to reflect on what they’re doing and prompt positive changes to their approach.

Using the concept of reflections as a starting point, I created botanical illustrations in colours adjacent to Kirsty’s branding- the overprinting quality suggesting that our decisions and reflections are able to guide new experiences. Botanicals are known for their symbolism (always Google when gifting!) so I chose a different plant for each section- a Lucky Bamboo for On Project Start (for good fortune and longevity) through to a Prayer Plant for The Place of Deep Content ( for focus, order and gratitude). These were accompanied by subtle paper textures and hand-drawn lines to establish the journal as a working, practical document that encouraged users to USE it.



  • Ebook Creation
  • Illustration
Work with Kirsty
Opening cover image element of The Mirror Journal- a reflective practice tool for business-owning humans
Gif showing several pages of The Mirror Journal on an ipad. Gif showing all chapter covers from The Mirror Journal. It shows many different illustration of plants in bright warm colours on a cream background.

Laura was an absolute dream to work with. I gave her a brief that would probably annoy the shit out of most designers – one that was based on how I wanted the product to feel, and came with no examples of things I liked (I know: I’m the worst) – but Laura took it and created something utterly perfect. From the first concept, I was deep-in-my-bones excited about the direction and execution, and knew I was in very safe hands. I always think the best partnerships in business result in something greater than you could create on your own, and this is exactly what I got with Laura. So much so, I’ve already hired her again. 

Kirsty Fanton