Bright orange and pink scene with llama shaped wicker handbag surrounded by cocktails

Wicker Darling

Designed in Melbourne, Wicker Darling designs uniquely ridiculous handbags that spark wonder wherever they go. Having reached a point where the branding didn’t represent the fun, energetic spirit of the brand (nor the high-end, luxury status of the products), I created a new brand identity that elevated the brand without losing the FUN.

Inspired by retro Palm Springs vacations (and the classic postcards that accompany them), the brand identity centers around a tropical, energetic colour-palette. The logo combines a quirky serif with a neon-style flamingo icon, a nod to the first bag and starting point for the label. I created a range of postal-inspired marks and illustrations inspired by Australiana to add personality to small touchpoint and for easy layering when creating social media content. As part of the rebrand, I established a photographic style for creating content (and transforming audience images) that brings joy, celebration and life into every image (without overpowering the products).


  • Brand Identity
  • Illustration
  • Packaging
  • Print + Digital Collateral
  • Social Media Campaign + Content
  • Web Design
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Pink background with red and white Wicker Darling logo. It has decorative curves and a falmingo shaped icon
Tropical coloured background gradient with white Wicker darling flamingo line icon Image of pinapple-shaped wicker handbag with red balloons in the background
Pink bakcground has range of Wicker Darling illustrations in red and orange tone. there are postage stamps, icons with Melbourne Australia references and Australiana iconography.
Wicker Darling social media canva template creation posts
Tropical gradient background with line drawings of the toucan, elephant and flamingo shaped handbags.
Vintage style postcode of Melbourne Australia. The back is a Wicker Darling thank you card for custom packaging.
Pink and red wicker darling custom tissue paper design Image of branded stickers for use on sending orders. They are bright pinks and oranges and are in a vintage stamp style
Wicker darling print collateral. There is a branded business card and a card with care instructions that has a side in teh style of a vintage bingo grid.
Wicker darling flamingo purse wearing custom surface designed tropical scarf Tropical scarf pattern featuring toucans and flamingos on an orange surface
Flamingo, lemons and flowers on blue tiles form the surface pattern design of this wicker darling scarf A woman ties a custom silk scarf design by obscurio and co around her head
Image of elephant and flamingo wicker shaped handbag on orange background.
Three custom tote bag designs with brand illustrations sit in a colourful background Three custom tote bag designs with brand illustrations sit ina. colourful background

I felt my branding lacked cohesion, looked amateur, and wasn’t selling that my brand is a luxury brand. I was, frankly, embarrassed by it.

YOU TOOK SO MUCH TIME TO GET TO KNOW MY BRAND. I loved how thorough you were in asking questions about my brand, my vision, my customer; when you sent through your initial ideas, it was very obvious you understood exactly what my business is about and who my customers are – and you’d obviously taken the time to look through my social media and get a proper feel for who my customers are and how my business operates.

It was clear you weren’t telling me who my customers SHOULD BE; you got to know THEM (and me!), and my relationship with my customers, and that’s clearly what you worked towards. It’s hard to hand your business into the hands of someone who doesn’t get it, but it was very clear YOU GET IT.

I’m feeling far, far more confident about approaching media and potential collaborators with my work now, because everything looks so polished and established! 

Jasmine Norrie, Wicker darling