Flatlay showing range of brand identity, print design and social media campaign by obscurio and co


Crafting strategic brand identities for the quirky, unusual and bold at heart.

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A plus sized woman with blue hair and a black dress with spots stands smiling in a field of yellow flowers

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I’m Laura, the one-woman show behind Obscurio & Co. I’m a designer specialising in brand identity who thrives on collaborations with strange and unusual businesses. After years of eye-rolling over generic logos and vanilla branding, I set out to create a space for businesses that don’t neatly fit in a box. You know the ones- those that are quirky, offbeat, unconventional and uniquely THEMSELVES. Sound all too familiar? I might be what you’ve been hunting for. 

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Success Story

The rebrand has been a HUGE hit. I’ve had A LOT of people reach out about it… a few weeks in and I still get random emails or DMs or Slack messages professing love for it. I’m getting higher quality enquiries from bigger companies that place a higher value on copy. One of the best investments I’ve ever made in my business. My daily website views has increased (2-3x), and I think it’s because people just want to look at it all in detail.

Ami Williamson, Damn Write