Woman with blue fair dances in green tinsel jacket under silver tinsel.


About your Designer

I’m Laura, your designer. Based in sunny Brisbane, Australia, I create bold brand identities infused with strategy. I bring obsessive passion to every brand I work on, creating distinct and memorable identities bolstered by an in-depth strategic approach. I work with my clients to define their core essence and then translate it into a brand with layered visuals, adaptable assets and sh*tloads of personality. I’m driven to create brand identities that not only look amazing but celebrate the true soul of my clients and work to attract their target audience.


mint green vintage illustration of moth

The way to my heart is through a strong gin and tonic.

mint green vintage illustration of moth

I’m a podcast addict. While designing, I’m probably listening to a gory true crime episode.

mint green vintage illustration of moth

My nerdy love of history and the paranormal means I bloody love a ghost tour.

mint green vintage illustration of moth

I identify as a full-time plant enthusiast and occasional plant murderer.

mint green vintage illustration of moth

I’m a collector of curios and knick-knacks alike- you’ll find my home adorned with everything from skulls to lettuceware.

mint green vintage illustration of moth

Moths are my good luck omen of choice, the floofier the better.


I’m here to make your business thrive through transformative design and considered strategy. I’ve worked with a diverse array of clients (including fashion designers, artisanal makers, nationwide retailers, software companies, digital agencies and service-based entrepreneurs) so I’m well-primed to work on ‘that weird business’ you have. While I’ve got a wide scope of experience, I pride myself on being a master of my craft rather than a jack of all trades. I’m really passionate about deep-diving into the brands I work on; a well-researched grounding ensures that we deliberately infuse every touchpoint with a clear intention as well as beautiful design.

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