Delicate film photograph of flowers with elderflower emblem for film photographer

Elderflower Ephemera

Elderflower Ephemera is a photography studio differentiated by a desire to capture authenticity through film photography. The founder, Libby Peddieson, works with commercial and private clients while also creating educational content to guide the amateur and experimental film photographer.

With atmospheric photography and Libby’s own illustrations at the forefront of communications, Elderflower Ephemera needed a balanced brand that didn’t feel overpowering. With such a long business name, the logo elements were purposefully designed in a clean, casually elegant style with a large range of variations able to suit any situation. The vintage-inspired serif typeface reflects the nostalgic film medium with a geometric elderflower icon keeping the brand firmly contemporary. The rich, heritage-inspired colour palette works alongside the subtle tones of the grainy photographs and provides flexibility for branded collateral.


  • Brand Identity
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Obscurio & Co brand identity design for film photographer elderflower ephemera
Flame tree blooming on Sydney street with delicate film photography grain Logo stamp for elderflower ephemera
Floral icon and serif logotype for elderflower ephemera Grainy film photograph of bright pink bougainvillea by elderflower ephemera
Elderflower ephemera film photographer logo inspiration on business cards in a pink background
Client illustrations by elderflower ephemera of vintage cameras and film
Working with Laura was so easy and fun. She listened to my ideas and we had open communication through every stage of the branding process. She asked me questions I hadn’t considered before and truly helped me visualise my business and brand identity.
My business is only in the beginning stages and Laura set out to create flexible branding that could be used for various applications, now and in the future. I have been able to use my new branding to elevate my online portfolio and social media profiles.
The design Laura created for me is not only beautiful and professional, it successfully conveys the vision I have for my photography business.

Libby Peddieson, Elderflower Ephemera